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Into the Infinitely Distant Sky...

A Kyou Kara Maou Community

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KKM fans
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A Kyou Kara Maou fandom community

Welcome to the Kyou Kara Maou community! This is the general fandom community for fans and newbies alike to gather and discuss the series, seek information on media or merchandise, share sites, fanfiction, and fanart, squeal about the bishies, and generally obsess about Kyou Kara Maou. Please make sure you read all of the rules below, because you will be responsible for them, and keep your hands inside the vehicle at all times. ♥

(If English is not your best language you might want to skim down to our KKM worldwide section to see translations of our rules!)

+ Do not repeat recent posts. Before asking a question or starting a discussion, scan the first page of the community for your topic and check the community tags.

+ Male/female, male/male, female/female pairings (as well as threesomes, etc.) are all common and welcome here. If you are not comfortable with this then we may not be the community for you.

+ Community-lock any posts containing links, requests, or questions about downloadable or streaming episodes, dramas, music, and video games. This is done in the same way you make something friends only by setting the post to "members."

+ Use lj-cuts for fanfiction, fanart, scans, screencaps, icons, graphics, lengthy bodies of text, spoilers, or summaries. You may have as many as 3 visible icons as teasers in a post or a graphic that does not exceed 300 x 300 pixels without a cut provided it contains nothing that would require a warning (sexual content, nudity, adult situations, language, violence, spoilers, etc.). If you include multiple, un-cut graphics their total pixel size may not exceed 300 x 300 pixels.

+ Stay on target topic. Any posts not related to KKM will be deleted following a warning comment from the moderator. Try to keep comments on topic as well. An occasional aside about another series or brief personal exchange is fine, but keep it brief or relocate to your personal journal.

+ Do not spam the community. Advertising for KKM communities and KKM-related events/challenges/etc. is welcome, but keep the frequency of such posts within reason. If you have several fanfics/fanarts/etc. to post, stagger them over several days.

+ Use warnings when appropriate. You MUST warn for spoilers and sexual content. Other warnings include: nudity, incest, abuse, adult situations, language, violence, character death, dark/disturbing themes, image-heavy, etc.

+ Never give out personal information on this community. This includes your full name, age, address, phone number, and of course, things like your credit card information.

+ Do not disable commenting on any post. This is a community and interaction should always be allowed even if you are linking back to a personal journal. It also makes it possible for the mods to communicate with you if need be without tracking you down outside the community.

+ Flaming, trolling, plagiarism, and hate speech are absolutely not tolerated. Depending on the severity of the offenses you may be immediately banned.

+ Be considerate. This is a public community full of people with different opinions and preferences. You don’t have to be a fan of every character, pairing, or point-of-view, but you can focus on the things you do like instead of the negative to promote a more welcoming environment for everyone.

If you do not understand a rule, use the contact information toward the end of the profile to contact a mod for an explanation. The rules may be changed at any time, but there will be a mod post reflecting that change in addition to an update to the profile.

You are expected to know the rules of this community when you participate here. You will be warned if you break any of the rules. Excessive abuse of the rules may lead to banning from the community.

If your post violates any of the rules we will ask you to amend it or, depending on the violation, we may automatically delete it. We will not be saving your content before deleting, so please make sure to follow the rules.

Do Not Pass Go, Do Not Collect $100
You will be immediately banned for plagiarism or hate speech.

We reserve the right to adjust our policies based on the circumstances. Decisions regarding banning will be discussed by all active mods before being initiated.

When posting fanfiction, fanart, or other fanworks it is best to give some basic information. We have provided some fields below. You can modify it, however, you must give appropriate warnings and ratings.

Genre: (Humor, angst, action, romance, etc.)
Chapter: (If applicable or specify it is a one-shot)
Warnings: (See the rule about warnings for more specifics)
Summary: (Keep it brief!)
Author’s Notes: (Brief commentary or impetus behind writing the story.)

Copy and paste the code below for a simple way to post your fanfiction. Be sure that you are using the html tab when posting. The rich text tab will not recognize the code, resulting in a sloppy look.

Warnings: (See the rule about warnings for more specifics)
Artist’s Notes: (Brief commentary or impetus behind creating the illustration.)

Copy and paste the code below for a simple way to post your fanfiction. Be sure that you are using the html tab when posting. The rich text tab will not recognize the code, resulting in a sloppy look.

Please follow our tagging guidelines to keep the community as organized and accessible as possible.

Kyou Kara Maou is the story of Yuuri Shibuya, a Japanese high school student who finds himself transported through a toilet to a strange, new world where he discovers he is the maou (demon king) of the mazoku (demon race) in Shin Makoku.

It is a fantasy, adventure, comedy with some romantic overtones. Various anime sites and fansites have defined the series as boy’s love, shōnen-ai, reverse harem, and shōjo, because of its large cast of attractive male leads and an early incident leading to the engagement of Yuuri to another male character, Wolfram von Bielefeld.

The story is being written by Tomo Takabayashi as a series of ongoing light novels. It has also been converted into a manga as well as an 117 episode anime series. There are five OVAs under the name Kyou Kara Maou R. There are also a video game named Kyou Kara Maou: Shin Makoku no Kyujitsu, audio and radio dramas.

The primary language of this community is English, however, we are happy to serve as a home for people from all over the globe, and we thought it might be a good idea to provide translations of key sections of the community's user info.

Please keep in mind these are fan translations and may not be perfect; much as the English they worked from may not have been perfect. ^_~

A HUGE thanks to everyone who has helped with the translations! If there is an additional language you would like to provide please comment here.

Deutsch (German) by terraharpel
Español (Spanish) by allira_dream
Français (French) by lilyhaydee
Italiano (Italian) by _miyuchan_
Nederlands (Dutch) by dandywolffan

Non-English KKM Resources:
(I'm guessing on some of these descriptions. Let me know if I'm wrong! And please feel free to contact us with more whether they are websites, translations, or communities.)
kkm_germany: German community (inactive)
maru_ma: Portuguese community (inactive)
maruma_esp: Spanish community (inactive)
shin_makoku: Russian community
hermoso_wolfram: Spanish Wolfram community

Do you have big ideas or maybe little ones or maybe they are medium-sized and come in funny shapes? Let us know what you’re thinking, because we are always hoping to improve the community, but we can’t read minds yet!

Comprehensive guide to KKM: Includes links and descriptions for KKM-related sites on livejournal and beyond.

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conradxyuuri eien_no_kizuna feme_kkm fox_and_lion
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Founder: kaitou_marina
Layout Design: hyesungstory
Profile Design: poisonangel7
Profile Images: Portrait of a Demon King

You can contact any mod on any issue using the contact information below.

poisonangel7 — e-mail: charmedreality @ gmail . com :: AIM: hauntedreality
umeko_pyon — e-mail: umekochan @ gmail . com :: AIM: Metric Minute
(kkm_mods is the group journal for the mods.)

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