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Three Fanarts ^^; for white day...

This is a little late but.. ~_~
Happy White Day everyone..

Rushed 3 pictures ^^; *Sleepi*

D= ...Wah I'm sorry it's so...ugh *buries self*

I don't have time to colour anything ^^; I'm sorry...
Should I colour this pic? ... like after cleaning it up and everything of course...
Should I? D=

...WHY ARE KKM LEGS SO LONG? @_@ ...*whacks evercool* LOL

and this is something I was fooling around with that has nothing to do with white day:

XD;; was messing with styles again...

For non-yuuram fans, I drew Conrad ^_^ Happy White day to you guys too!
...if you don't like conrad, too bad >_>; *dies*

WAH! I can't draw Conrad ^^;!! SORRY! ...and I'm sorry that he's OOC @_@ x.x *gets murdered by all the Conrad fans*
._. I tried? ..and I'm sorry it's not coloured ^^; *no time*
and I'm also sorry it's so sketchy @_@
*apologizing too much* o.o

Oh yeah... XD Because I didn't colour them, I thought I'd change the lineart colour haha XD; so it won't be TOO boring..I hope.. XD;;

^^; I hope you guys like it? I tried x.x...!!
Tags: artist - shaorankun, conrad, fanart: 2006, yuuri x wolfram: 2004-2009
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