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[Discussion] Your favorite rare pairings?

I know this is somewhat of an odd post, but I'm hoping someone will go here with me. ^_^

I was talking to a friend and somehow the discussion came up about the many, many pairing possibilities in KKM and yet how so few different pairings are written about by comparison. Not that I don't adore the more "mainstream" pairings, if you will, but I really love writing and reading about new/challenging pairings despite the fact that I complain about it nonstop while writing it and I'm always looking for new ones.

Which of course begs the question: What is your "never written about OTP?"

I'm looking for truly rare pairings, here! Not just "well, I'd love to see more Conzak" 'cause who wouldn't?!, but something that gets no love whatsoever, something you've never seen but want to, something that would be a challenge but you think would be completely HAWT amazing. ^_^

I'll get the ball rolling here with my own personal rare OTP: pre-Rutenburg Gunter/Conrad! The teacher/student thing just begs to be written about! &hearts &hearts

Your turn! Who knows, maybe you'll inspire someone! ^^ Oh, and if you happen to know a fic/art/misc. pretty with someone's rare OTP, definitely point them to it! Pretty please?! ^_^
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