Looking for some kkm related stuff

This kkm community looks dead too, still gonna give it a shot to see if I get lucky.

I've been looking all over for some these. If anyone has raw scans or even pics would be greatetful if you could share them with me. I don't mind buying them from you either (specially the ones featuring Conrad) depending on the price and if you have like 5-6 items from the list and which can be shiped together. I've been keeping a regular watch on some online Japanese stores too but the moment one appears, another disappears lol Just trying to save on shipping and handling

Drama CDs:
Asuka All Stars
Animate DVD Season 3 First Vol. 5: Gwendal & Densham & Yozak
Animate DVD Season 3 First Vol. 6: Shouri & Wolfram & Murata
Animate DVD Season 3 First Vol. 8: Gwendal & Wolfram & Saralegui
Animate DVD Season 3 Final Vol. 1: Gunter & Densham & Del Kiason (Julia's brother, I don't know how to spell his name ^^;)
Animate DVD Season 3 Final Vol. 5: Conrad & Gwendal & Saralegui

Audio commentary from Season 3 DVDs - specially the ones with Toshiyuki Morikawa

Apollo 00
Apollo 0.1
Love Letter

Seisakoku DX booklets: Gyojinhime to watashi I & II (Just the booklets, I don't want the CDs)
UraMA DX booklet: Ensoku wa kekkou
Pash Vol. 6 (just want the kkm article from it)
Kyo Kara Maoh! Official Fanbook - The Shin Makoku Times Vol. 1 to Vol. 4
Kyo Kara Maoh Osanai book
Kyo Kara Maoh Settei shiryou
Kyo Kara Maoh Shin Makoku MAnimation Guidebook
Never Ending Poison Lady - Mugen Dokuonna 1 & 2
Kono Raito Noberuka wa Sugoi interview
Any Shinnichi or other interviews from magazines that are not on pdk

Message Papers:
Godfathers!! Conrad x Yuri
Any of the Animate Special Message Papers that came along with the novel volumes

I'm specifically looking for the content in Japanese so please don't redirect me to any of the translations.

Thanks :)

Edit: I bought the ones I've cancelled out, if anyone is interested in exchanging then please DM me. 

Kyou Kara Maou Light Novel Translation Project

Originally posted by lieselope at Kyou Kara Maou Light Novel Translation Project
Hello minna, is anyone still here? :P

I thought that the light novels would be completely translated, given that a long period of time has passed but apparently little has progressed! So I am wondering if anyone would want to join me in translating it? Starting from Novel 2?

If anyone do know of an active group translating it, please let me know so that I do not duplicate efforts. Thank you <3
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Random post

Hi! ^---^/

I just recently started to re-watch the entire anime and I'm loving it as much as the first time! <3 <3 <3 I'm near episode 40 right now but I hope it's not too late to motivate you to watch it again and comment here :P (I forgot about the comm until now T-T I would've liked to post this sooner T^T)
I also make figures and I was thinking on making the KKM boys for my own collection.... and then I thought it was a good time to offer my "chibi making" services XD (you can see my other works here) in case you always wanted your fave in a special uniform or something like that :P

oh! I already posted this one years ago but maybe there are new members who would like to see it???Collapse )

well, I hope this post wasn't too random, I'm really happy watching KKM again and I wanted to talk a little and see if someone else feels like watching it too! ^----^b
Wolfram &amp; Conrart - angst

Ficlet: "Philadelphos"

Hello! (Hello! Hello! Hello! Hello! ... *echoing*)

I realize that this comm is somewhat deserted these days, and hardly anyone posts any more, but ... I'm going to post a little ficlet here nevertheless, if that's alright. *tumbleweeds drift by*

There are not too many other places to share a KKM story these days, that I know of! More's the pity. (and besides, I miss LJ, and the ole LJ days of interactively fun fandom!) (I may also put it on ff.net, I guess? I just miss reading the generally more mature and in-depth interaction found on LJ.)

I've been re-watching Kyou Kara Maou lately, and even with exposure to many fine animes in the past few years, I still think it's one heckuva show, with awesome and memorable echaracters. I miss it dearly! :-(

So, here's a little reflective piece (that's set after the Betrayal Arc in Season One) that I thought I'd share. If anyone's out there, I hope you do enjoy! :-)

Find the fic here: http://paixloup.livejournal.com/523.html#cutid1
He didn't always like to recall those times ...

A question about the novels...

I was interested in buying some of the German novels and was wondering where would be the best place to order them online? I'm in USA, so it has to ship there. US Amazon has some, including 11 and 13, which are so far untranslated as far as I'm aware? 14 is hard to find for some reason...

Volume 12 is just a side-story novel, right? If so, I'm not super interested. I love kkm and all, but i just want to read plot stuff rn :> Especially since I can't find full translations for these volumes! I'm very curious about them! haha

Any help is graciously appreciated!!

((p.s. Alternatively- my dad lives in Switzerland so I might could ask him to send me some? Is kkm hard to find in stores over there? What stores are best to check for this sort of thing? In case he doesn't know where to find them... Thank you!))